Our Foundation´s highest aspiration is making it possible for the Spanish guitar to hold a prominent position in the musical sphere and to contribute as far as possible in the strengthening of its difussion in a national and international level.

That is why one of our major objetives is centred in the encouragement of talents, of youngs as wellas of acclaimed artists, so that the Foundation become a centre of musical encounter, reunion, learning and inspiration.
The way of achieving this expressed in diverse ways:

- lending exclusive material to artists,
- concession of grants to artists to help their promotion,
- carrying out events and master classes where they can broaden their education, ...

In this sense, the final goal of the Foundation is becoming a pont of reference for guitarists and guitar makers, a bond that can help uniting the different musical works that are being made, a place for the unity of musicians and a cente for spreading the new tendencies that are appearing in the guitar maker musical scene.

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