Spanish Guitar Foundation is born with the aim of spreading internationally the use and acknowledgemnet of our countrys most representative instrument: Spanish classical guitar.

For the achivement of this goal the Foundation centres its activity in several distinguished aspects:

- promotion of musicological investigation of unpublished works for the guitar,
- the carrying out of master classes,
- seminars,
- events related to the good use of instrumentel and its correct preservation,
- advices and organization of musical concerts
- festivals.

The Foundation´s own collection is constantly growing thanks to the adquisitión of antique, historic and collector´s guitars with the aim of encouraging its study and use by guitar lovers. This includes the special contribution of several pieces from the personal collection of guitar-maker Paulino Bernabé

Therefore, this new Foundation is a milestone in Spanish culture and tradition for its eagerness to promote the culture and tradition of an intrument as beautiful as the guitar.

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